Homeschool Introduction

A Brief Intro to Homeschool

Thinking about homeschooling? Trying to imagine what the return to school will be like with all the safeguards put in place? With all the craziness surrounding the COVID-19 Pandemic, many have begun to seriously consider homeschooling as a more permanent option for their families and children.

A Brief Intro to Homeschool Language Arts

From simply reading a book, to actual spelling and handwriting curriculum, here are some suggestions in the realm of Language Arts that have helped us along as we homeschool.

A Brief Intro to Homeschool Science

Want to learn about dissecting feral pigs? Well, we can’t help you there. But there are so many ways to incorporate science into your homeschooling! Experiments, books, online classes, nature journaling, games, PINTREST!! Here’s what we do and have liked in the land of science.

A Brief Into to Homeschool Math

Who loves math? Amanda doesn’t! Erika does! Here are some of our go tos for this tricky subject. Even if your kids are more advanced in math than you can remember yourself, there are TONS of avenues to help you on your way. Don’t sweat it!

A Brief Intro to Homeschool Social Studies

National Treasure ABSOLUTELY COUNTS as a history lesson!! History is amazing because there are so many rabbit trails to follow as you explore the past. Here are some resources we’ve used to get our kids fired up about history!