Homeschool Hypothesis

We are so blessed to live in a country full of freedoms. Freedom to choose where we live. Freedom to choose where we work. Freedom to choose what church we attend. We also have the freedom to choose how our children are schooled.

I have a great respect for teachers. I have many family and friends who are teachers. These wonderful men and women give a piece of themselves to each group of children they guide and mentor. They are a blessing in the lives of children.

A dislike for teachers or public schools in general is not why I choose to homeschool my children. I choose to do it for a variety of reasons, including – the ability to move at their pace, a desire to instill in them a love of learning, a little bit because I want to control their environment to an extent, the freedom to have our afternoons free to do activities such as dance, choir, and theater, and frankly because I feel like that is what the Lord has asked me to do for my children at this time.

I know that homeschooling isn’t the answer for every family, or even every child, but when it is the right answer, for whatever reason(s), parents should feel empowered and excited, rather than scared and anxious about the journey. It is a new journey for most, but new can be exhilarating.

Homeschooling how-tos, questions answered, product reviews, and encouragement to do it the way that works best for you!

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