Hi Ho! Cherry-O

  • Erika 

Hi Ho! Cherry-O is one of those games that I think nearly everyone grew up playing. It is silly, simple to learn, and with the element of luck over strategy it is just as easy for a toddler to win as for a teen.

Hi Ho! Cherry-O is a game that we start playing when kids are 2.5 (two and a half) to 3 (three) at our house. My toddlers enjoy the colors and the counting is not too overwhelming to them. They love collecting their apples/cherries/blueberries/oranges (depending on what color they are playing as that day.) Some of my kids do better with the basket getting emptied on a turn, but since there are only 10 cherries on each tree, it isn’t quite as devastating to start over in Hi Ho! Cherry-O as in a game like Chutes and Ladders.


  • Counting to 5
  • Color Recognition
  • Taking Turns


3 years – 6 years


In Hi Ho! Cherry-O players race to be the first to move the ten cherries from their tree into their basket. A spin of the arrow determines if you will pick one, two, three, or four cherries from your tree and put them in your basket. Just hope you don’t land on the bird or the dog. These require you to take two cherries from your basket and put them back on your tree. And if you land of the spilled bucket – oh no! All those cherries you have gathered go back on the tree.


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