A Brief Intro to Homeschool

  • Erika 

Thinking about homeschooling? Trying to imagine what the return to school will be like with all the safeguards put in place? With all the craziness surrounding the COVID-19 Pandemic, many have begun to seriously consider homeschooling as a more permanent option for their families and children. Or, perhaps you’ve been thinking about homeschooling long before that darn corona virus came around, and you’re thinking now is the time to act. Taking this leap can be a big, scary thing, but! we’re here to tell you that it’s absolutely possible for children to receive a stellar education at home as well as in school.

We’ll take you through a quick intro to homeschooling, what it can look like, and why we personally decided to homeschool, and what it looks like in our homes. While you’re watching, imagine what you want homeschool to look like in your home (which will be different for every family, but guess what? It still works, because it works for you). You got this!

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